Lambda Canada | Sample Custodian Assistant
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Sample Custodian Assistant

  • Developing, executing, and maintaining a highly organized, structured, and controlled system for sample storage.
  • Ensuring the Freezer room is clean and organized.
  • Receive samples from Lambda and outside clinic sites. Follow up to track shipments that are not received when expected.
  • Inspect and reconcile samples upon receipt. Resolve any discrepancies between shipment records and physical sample inspection.
  • Log samples into sample inventory database and store sample under appropriate conditions according to protocol requirements.
  • Retrieves and returns study samples/calibrators/quality controls from appropriate freezers.
  • Maintain freezer inventory records.
  • Generate and process Sample Disposition Requests to obtain instructions from client regarding sample disposition after contract storage time has elapsed.
  • Arrange for shipment or destruction of samples upon instruction from client.
  • Maintain all appropriate documentation to ensure a complete history for all samples from receipt to final disposition.
  • Responsible for recording raw data promptly and accurately in compliance with the Principles of Good Laboratory Practice and are responsible for the quality of the data.
  • Documents and communicates any deviations from the instructions (i.e. study plan) directly to the Analysis Group Supervisor and/or if appropriate, the Principal Investigator.
  • Ensure the study plan is followed whenever applicable.
  • Distributing, and maintaining the databases for RSM and LC columns.
  • Assisting lab staff as required.
  • Assisting other members of the calibration and validation group in performing various tasks.
  • Maintain training binder, documenting training entries promptly.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
Responsibilities regarding the conduct of GLP and Non-GLP studies

In addition to General Responsibilities, the following are additional responsibilities in regard to the conduct of GLP and Non-GLP studies:

  • Document and communicates any deviations to instructions directly to the Principal Investigator (for GLP studies) or Study Director (for Non-GLP studies).
  • Record raw data promptly and accurately and in compliance with the OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practice.
  • Work in a safe manner, complying with all relevant safety procedures.
  • Exercise health precautions to minimize risk and to ensure the integrity of the study.
  • Communicate to the Laboratory Management any relevant known health or medical condition so he/she can be excluded from operations that may affect the study.


  • Has completed a Bachelor of Science or college program in analytical chemistry or pharmaceutical sciences with chemistry laboratory course exposure.
  • General knowledge of laboratory procedures and activities.
  • Knowledge in the principles of Good Laboratory Practices as per OECD Series.
  • Word processing is essential.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Good interpersonal skills and effective written and oral communications.
  • Must be flexible and effective in completion of tasks.