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Subject Recruitment & Screening



  • We recruit from a pool of >6+million residents in the Greater Toronto Area and surroundings
  • An active subset of 15,000+ subjects from a total database of 90,000+ 
  • Clients can have access to a large and ethnically diverse subject pool.  This allows LTR to recruit subjects rapidly and on-time.
  • Prospective subjects are reached through a variety of media sources including advertisements in radio, newspapers, television and electronic media
  • We utilize “Clinical Eligibility Subject Recruiting” (CESR), a comprehensive database to track recruitment, screening, participation status and histories, including demographic and medical information.


Subject Screening:


  • All subject-screening activities are efficiently conducted in our screening center
  • Prospective subjects undergo an informed consent process, during which they are informed of their rights and obligations and potential risks
  • Prospective subjects are involved in a pre-study interview, complete medical history, physical examination, collection of study demographics, ECG and vital signs
  • Prospective subjects are also tested for pregnancy, drugs of abuse, nicotine and alcohol for assessment of study eligibility based on the protocol requirements
  • We are proud to have a local centralized laboratory provide the laboratory services for our clinical trials.  The laboratory provides a quick turnaround of test results for blood chemistry, hematology, urinalysis for medical screening or other study specific requirements.


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