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Study Participants

Clinical trials are conducted to collect data on the safety and effectiveness of new medications and medical devices. There are several stages of approval in the clinical trial process before a drug or device can be sold in the consumer market.

Drug and device testing begins with extensive laboratory research which can involve years of experiments in animals and human cells. When laboratory research is successful, researchers send the data to the country’s regulatory agency (ex. Health Canada or Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for US) for approval to continue research and to test in humans.A new medicine must pass through several kinds of trials in humans before it can be marketed.   Lambda conducts some of these trials in healthy and patient volunteers.

Lambda Therapeutics Research Inc. is a global contract research organization (CRO) that specializes in conducting Clinical Research Trials for pharmaceutical companies. We conduct these trials in healthy and patient volunteers. The trials are conducted at the Toronto, Ontario facility.

We are continuously looking for volunteers to participate in our trials. By participating, you could help bring new or lower cost medications to the market. These medications help to improve the overall health of our communities and provide greater access to healthcare. By becoming a volunteer, you can have a positive impact on the health of your community All our studies are conducted in accordance with Health Canada regulations and International guidelines.

When you participate in studies you may be part of a group of volunteers who would stay in our supervised clinical facility for few days, take medication, with blood samples collected at timed intervals.  We do studies on weekends, during the week, and sometimes for extended periods of time (ex. For several days at once).


For most of our studies, we are looking for healthy volunteers, 18 years of age or older, who are

  • Free of daily medication
  • Non-smokers
  • Non-drug users

Some studies have special requirements and look for volunteers who are

  • Smoking
  • Post Menopausal or Surgically Sterile
  • A particular race (ex. Caucasian)
  • Have a particular disease or condition (ex. Diabetes, Hypertension)

Safety & Precautions

Each study is governed by a protocol reviewed and approved by the Research Ethics board (REB) and Health Canada.   REB is an independent committee that has been formally designated to approve, monitor and review research involving Humans.  REB members have a primary mandate to safeguard the rights, safety and well being of all volunteers. Protocols outline the details of a study including  how it will be carried out, what testing is required to ensure the safety of volunteers, what data will be collected, description of the study drug.

Volunteers go through one or more Informed Consent processes for a study, to ensure that they have all the information necessary to make an informed choice about participating in research studies.  The Informed Consent documents include details about the conduct of a study, drug information, risks, responsibilities and expectations.  Informed Consents undergo REB review and approval to ensure transparent communication of study details, and volunteer rights and expectations.  Volunteers can choose to stop participating in a study at anytime

For more information regarding studies that are currently seeking volunteers, click here

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